Lil Mo has been involved in multiple emergency response projects. We are able to utilize our cross-trained crew and unique fleet of vessels and equipment (115' landing craft, skimmer boats, WeeDoo boats, barges and beach rakes) to remove and dispose of debris.

Photo Credits: DRC Emergency Services, Monroe County-FL Gov


Sustaining the marine environment and creating marine habitats is a passion of ours. We build artificial reefs and design custom deployment devices and methods unique to each type of material and project. We also are able to use our fleet of vessels for waterway and canal cleaning. The M/V Lil Mo, built in the Vietnam Era, is a 115’ landing craft that only drafts 6’
fully loaded with 200 Tons. Lil Mo has the ability to get into tight spots with an immense deck space. We offer aquatic vegetation control with our WeeDoo boats which are designed to harvest floating vegetation. All of our vessels are procured with the philosophy of maximum project ability and minimal cost to our clients. We are also able to clean up beach debris with our beach rakes to keep them suitable for enjoyment. 


Whether it is a derelict or abandon vessel that needs to be removed or a vessel that needs to be salvaged, we have the crew and equipment to take these jobs on. With the use of our sectional barges, we are able to perform these tasks as well as deliver equipment and more!


We install well-points to aid in de-watering operations for underground utility companies. We also provide excavation services.

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